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The best new watch with the most tasteful design for men’s watches

White Rolex Day-Date 36 There isn’t a blue watch more lavish and timeless than the Rolex Day-Date President. Period. An icon and titan of not only Rolex, however, the sector has severe clout. What I love about the 36 is that it is more than raised, but has a hint of modernity and surprise whilst remaining true to its origins. It has versatile 36mm instance that is wholly constructed from 18k white gold, a unisex.
White gold may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, but you’ll feel the additional weight each time you slide it on. Of course, the motion has been upgraded with the killer new Caliber 3255. I feel these particulars and the rest will separate this Day-Date as the years go on, making it a classic and a solid investment. Additionally, you can’t deny how great this Datejust looks with this gold President bracelet. The newest Batman GMT-Master II is an reply to the wishes of several Rolex aficionados, mixing the brooding black and blue »Batman » bezel with the handsome and dressy Jubilee bracelet. There are collectors who are mad to find the classic Oyster bracelet move — as Rolex has nixed it for the stainless steel GMT versions. With the introduction of Batman GMT-Master II, the monochromatic black II which has been a solid staple since the early 1970’s was discontinued by the watchmaker.
I think as it’s ushering in a new era, this kind of shake-up adds extra value to the Batman GMT. And while the black and blue bezel Batman isn’t just a classic, the Rolex GMT is, making this among those newest classic designs for 2019. Additionally, the combination just looks so sharp, so does not it?